Regular Medical Care In the Comfort of Your Own Home

Receive Medical and Personal Service

In the Setting Most Comfortable To You

what is it?

Home Medical Service is regular medical treatment, geared specifically for individuals unable to leave their own home. This means less trips to the hospital and a doctor or NP to come to your home. Care plans are created for each new patient, with deductibles and payment based on individual insurance plans, but would be the same as if you went to a clinic!

why hms?

Our dedicated team at Home Medical Services is specifically trained for the challenges of care at home, and our Medical Director, Dr. Gary Holland, has been visiting patients in their homes since 2002.

what services?

Our Core Home Medical Services include:

  • In-Home Physician and/or Nurse Practitioner Visits
  • Personalized Care Plans
  • Medication Management
  • Wellness Visits
  • Safety and Fall-Risk Evaluations
  • Management of Home Health and Hospice Services when needed

Additional Services Available include:

  • RN & LPN Services
  • Private Caregivers
  • Home Delivery of Medications
  • In-Home Dental Care
  • Foot Care by a Podiatrist
  • Community Referrals

All care plans are designed with patients and their caregivers and are catered to individual needs, and continually updated.


What types of patients benefit most from Home medical services?

  • Home Medical Services are ideal for patients who are in need of primary medical care, but are unable to go out to the doctor's office
  • Our care is dictated by the patients and their needs, ranging from palliative care and symptom management, to intensive medical management.

What If i need to go to the hospital or clinic?

  • There are no hospital or clinic restrictions

Can Home Medical Service write or renew prescription medications?

  • Yes, medication management is one of the primary benefits of Home Medical Services
  • Physicians can call in prescribed medications to the pharmacy of your choice

How do i know if my insurance is accepted?

  • Home Medical Services works with most major providers
  • Please call 801-876-3749 to verify your coverage

How much will the visit cost?

  • Home Medical Services are billed as a regular primary care visit. So, you’ll pay the same cost and co-pays that you would pay if you went to see your primary care physician in a clinic or hospital
  • Any tests or procedures are also billed to your insurance at the same rates as your clinic would bill
  • So you pay the same co-pay as you normally would, but you receive treatment in your own home!

who do i call to make an appointment?

  • Please call 801-876-3749 to discuss more about our services. We look forward to speaking with you!

How soon can I get an appointment?

  • Appointments can typically be made within one week
  • Scheduling will depend on the severity of your symptoms
  • We recommend scheduling appointments in advance when possible!

Can i receive care if i live in an assisted living?

  • Absolutely! Our Home Medical Service Team works wherever you call home. Many of our patients are living in assisted-living communities

What If i need home health care, pHYSIcal therapy, or help with community resources?

  • Our team will gladly help coordinate all of these for you, and give you options of different companies available